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The Boarding House

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Located in Mechanicsville, Virginia - a suburb of Richmond, The Boarding House is a residential care facility established to provide an alternative to seniors uninterested in a large facility setting.  The Boarding House provides many advantages versus an assisted living facility:
  • A client-to-caregiver ratio of 3-to-1 (most facilities operate near a 20-to-1 ratio) which results in much more personal attention for our residents.
  • A quiet neighborhood setting with an expansive lawn and beautiful outside sitting area.
  • All residents have their own bedroom, our belief is that everyone needs their own privacy at times.
  • Our caregivers live with our clients, which allows our residents and caregivers to form deep relationships, as opposed to the high turnover of staff at a facility.
  • Automobile transportation to scheduled appointments, no more waiting for a shared van or bus.
  • A monthly price that is lower than most assisted living communities in the area.



Most professionals agree that we function better when we live in a smaller environment with a familiar group of people. As a result, we refuse to have any "home-like" facilities. We have real homes in real neighborhoods similar to the ones our residents have lived in their entire lives.  Our tranquil, secure home environment encourages feelings of security, freedom and self-control which enhances the quality of life of our residents.

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